83 hooked in for Nelligen weekend

The Braidwood Fishing Club held its last fishing competition for the year on the weekend of 2nd November at Nelligen, which was a family weekend and AGM.

The weekend was sponsored by Bruce Stuart. The weekend was very well attended with 82 members making the trip down the Clyde. I was told by the treasurer that this was one of the greatest if not ‘the’ greatest number of people at a fishing comp. It was also great to see four new family's along for their first comp.

The winners for the weekend were Juniors Wyhll Holland, Female Noelene Cargill and Male Craig Nadin. The AGM was also held on Saturday night with Murray Harrex President, Ian Cargill Secretary, Ian Faviell Treasurer, Brad Hewitt Publicity and Adam Dixon taking on the Weigh masters job from Bruce Stuart who is going to do more fishing. All members are invited to committee meetings which are the first Wednesday every second month.

The Presentation Day will be Sunday the 2nd December at the Braidwood Services Club, as this is the Fishing Clubs 50th year it would be good to see a big rollup, all members attending need to RSVP by Friday 23rd November to Ian Faviell or Ian Cargill. 

The Braidwood Fishing Club at Nelligen.

The Braidwood Fishing Club at Nelligen.