What’s happening with this Paydirt sign?

Paydirt Eatery's message. Photo Elspeth Kernebone.
Paydirt Eatery's message. Photo Elspeth Kernebone.

‘We are not the new Bowral, we are Braidwood and Proud’.

That’s the message Paydirt Eatery’s owner Zac Kadri wants to get across to Braidwood’s council and real estate agents. 

A resident for the past 11 years, he’s watched with concern as rents and house prices have shot up.

“Gentrification is inevitable,” Mr Kadri said. “For me, what’s starting to happen which is really scary, is the town is being taken away from its community and a huge price tag’s been put on it.”

“When people try and sell Braidwood based on comparisions to other places and some supposed affluence it’s an affront to our longstanding diversity and our character.

As property prices shoot beyond reach in the Canberra and Sydney, Mr Kadri is worried Braidwood could have its individuality worn away by out of town buyers.

“For me it is about our real estate agents really stepping up and talking about the diversity of the community, and not just ‘invest in Braidwood and we’ve got good prices’, because that’s what kills a township, that’s what kills a community,” Mr Kadri said.

“Let’s think about what we’re selling here... we’re not a commodity, we’re a living breathing community.”