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It was a welcome home game for us this weekend, and what an intense game it was against Belnorth. The team came from Canberra with plenty of enthusiasm and eagerness for points.

The first half of the game was the most intense, resulting in a 3-2 lead for Belnorth, who clearly were not going to let Palerang have the game easily.

Their lead carried over in the second, with our mids and backs working relentlessly to keep them at bay. Fergus Tooth, who we welcomed back from holidays, jumped straight into it, playing outstandingly as though he had never been absent.

Our front line worked hard and opened through for another Palerang goal, just after Belnorth had put another one on the board.

It was there that we were head locked for a 4-3 loss against Belnorth.

Our defence was great as usual, with attacking and clear out kicks from Bonnie, Hugh and Josh. Nelson especially made some big kicks forward, which gave opportunities to our forwards Iasabella, Leroy, Brodie and Angus to score.

Laynee showed what it takes to keep our back line strong, with excellent decision making at the last minute by constant hassling and kick outs over the line to allow ourselves to regroup.

Reggie and Matilda also showed great support to our mid line.

You all played very well guys and we certainly did not give Belnorth an easy win.

The goal scorers for the match were Isabella Hindmarsh and Leroy Campbell Davies.

Good luck for next week team!

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