Twilight bowling draws a crowd

Last Friday as I awoke I looked out from my peephole I was amazed to see a sea of faces across the two bowling greens and I asked what is going on?

And danger man said Braidwood Community Bank has sponsored barefoot bowls competition between business and family teams so I rubbed my paws across my eyes gave a yawn and settled in to watch a most enjoyable evening’s entertainment. There were grandmas playing bowls with their little darlings some very serious bowlers playing for sheep stations and whole families just out having a ball. With 80 players to be matched up for a competitive game it took some time to sort out who played against who but the old master of bowls John Bunn arranged the teams so all had fair competition. No sooner had they started then Jenny O’Connell showed her skip, Kerri Backhouse of Landmark Real Estate team, how it was done. When the first bowl she rolled the unbeatable bowl, when she collected the jack with her bowl, and followed it into the ditch landing right on top of the jack. 

Jenny, having done this once, you will spend the rest of your life trying to do it again, and may not be able to do it again. From the Old Possum’s vantage point out of the hole of the Club’s gable end it was a very colourful sight with the 80 players and the entourage of their supporters and it was lovely to see families enjoying themselves on such a beautiful warm evening. 

When the games finished they all enjoyed freshly grilled sausages and onions cooked by Gordon (‘minute past midnight’: the most modern man in Braidwood) who first mooted the idea of getting twilight bowls off the ground at a bowls meeting. John Bunn and Peter Camiller took the idea to Bendigo Bank and they came on board to sponsor it. 

The major prize of the night of $80 was won by the St Bede’s School Staff Team, led by Ged Galvin and the runner up prize of $40 was won by the Wizzers, led by Grandma Margaret Wisbey and her Grand Nippers.

The worst performing Prize of $10 was won by the Boiled Lolly Shop led by Heather George. They have been eating the profits and had too much sugar and the Braidwood Rural Team had too many sheep nuts. 

The Possum is looking forward to watching the next three weeks and to get the games to start quicker, if the skips could collect the entry fee for their teams and the organisers could then get the games going quicker. 

On Sunday the old Possum was entertained by 27 bowlers from the Canberra Travelling Bowlers and 25 local bowlers on the greens for some very enjoyable bowls. 

The visitors were entertained with salad lunch followed by 20 ends of three bowl triples and then a bbq tea and then returned to Canberra on their bus. 

Barefoot bowling on Friday evening.

Barefoot bowling on Friday evening.


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