Canberra Show ribbons for BCS Show Team

The BCS Canberra Show Team participating in judging at the Canberra Show between Wednesday February 20th and Sunday February 24th bringing home lots of ribbons for their efforts with sheep and cattle as well as the junior judging and handling. BCS had finalists in all age groups and places in many.

Some of the highlights were; Inga Neilsen gaining 3 place in the Junior judging. The judge was extremely impressed with her speaking ability. There were 240 odd competitors from 13 and under to 16 and over. Inga did exceptionally well grading the cattle almost spot on to what the judge herself had classed them at, earning 42-42-50 points for her efforts ( points out of 50)

In the Merino Junior Judging Open category was only open to 25 competitors and BCS put forward 6 students - Joel Clarke, Tim Callan, Inga Neilsen, Sullivan Kovacs, Lachlan Burgess and Kelly Liversidge. Students had to judge the sheep and place them in the same order the over judge had placed them. They were also assessed on how they handled the sheep and their own personal presentation. It was a pleasure to hear that after this round the top 4 finalists were ALL BCS students. Students were then asked to justify their decision in a speech. They were assessed on their accuracy to  speak about the animals and the terminology they used, their speaking ability and their ability to compare animals. Sullivan was the only competitor out of the entire field of 25 who correctly placed the sheep in the same order as the judge. Although Sullivan and Tim both got the same score, the judge had to split it with half a point and awarded it to Tim. Final results were Tim Callan – First, Sullivan Kovacs – Second, and Joel Clarke – Third.

Special mention and congratulations has to go to Tim Callan who tutored the BCS students on Merino Judging and thus brought home a strong result that should make the school community proud.

In the Meat Breeds Junior Judging - this year the students had to judge South Suffolk and Corriedale sheep. Once again BCS students made a good showing and we placed in the finals, with Tim Callan  - 3rd and Forbes Corby - 4th.

The prep work put in by Tim and Mr Wall put in to prepare our students to judge sheep paid off in the show ring.

Other Significant results were in Cattle section Lightweight Kill Steer - 1st, Lightweight Purbread Steer - 1st, Heavywight Kill Steer - 3rd; and in the Sheep - Grand Champion Texel Ewe, Reserve Champion Texel Ewe.

In the meat breed junior judging Tim Callan got 3rd out of 80 odd competitors and Forbes Corby received 4th, which is an outstanding effort.

“It was an unfortunate circumstance was that we had a significant area of land with the topsoil disturbed and it washed down. On Sunday every hand was onsite” he added.

Mr McIlwain said if people had left messages on the 24 hour hotline then they would have been called back. The phone was left in car for a few hours, but other people on site were available.”

Mr McIlwain assured that it “Won’t happen again. The phone now has a default and it will ultimately call me.”

Tim Callan, Sullivan Kovacs and Joel Clarke.

Tim Callan, Sullivan Kovacs and Joel Clarke.