Redbacks season ends without glory 

Reports say it was snowing as the Bushpigs made the journey from the high country. The Monaro competition has proved that the days of coastal teams dreading the trip up the mountain to the cold country are well behind us. Jindabyne were too complimentary on the wonderful winter weather that Braidwood had again turned on.

Competition leaders, the Bushpigs, had travelled well, and their last encounter had seen an under manned Redbacks beaten convincingly out wide. Meanwhile the Redbacks season, after a flying start, has seen the team struggle for consistency, and yet still show the determination, doggedness and camaraderie that has served them well in the past.

Jindabyne showed early why they are minor premiers this year. Controlled play, a strong scrum, and practised set moves had the Bushpigs camped in good position.

The Redbacks lacked commitment in tackling, although as usual this cannot be said of Halligan, Allen and Moffit, and again silly penalties made the going a little too easy for Jindabyne. The silver lining on the day was the Redback lineout which dominated on the day. Coe and Harton were giving Allen good ball, or making sure that the Bushpigs didn’t. A Short lineout mid field produced the best possible result as Junior saw clean ball and the try line.

Whether he saw the five defenders or not is questionable as with his usual strength he brushed them off and scored the Redbacks only try of the day. Not enough to close the widening gap on the scoreboard, the Redbacks well behind at the half time break.

It is unclear as to the underlying ailment, but this year’s Redbacks seem to need to be behind to start playing rugby. As with Crookwell a fortnight ago, the second half saw the Redbacks stop the rot and freeze the scoreboard. Some may argue that the opponents simply switch off, but this is not the truth.

Our team do not like being beaten, and fight hard in every game, and our opponents know and respect this. They may walk away winners, but the Monaro teams are well aware that they will play a hard game of rugby when they make the trip to Braidwood.

They may not mind the weather but like the South Coast teams before them they will be wary of their competition. Players’ player again went to Billy Halligan, again a great performance in attack and punishing in defence. Points this week; 3 pts James Royds, 2 pts Junior Makasiale, 1pt Issac Allen.

Thanks to the junior ball boys for a great effort. Thanks also to Kerry Schneider for her help in holding us all together .

The Team would like to thank all our supporters for turning out to our games. Many times it is that support that lifts the team and strengthens their resolve. We hope to see you all again next season.

The final round of the competition sees us travel to Taralga to upset their finals preparation, let you know how we do next week.

Redback James Royds.

Redback James Royds.