Celtic Skye studio opens for weekend

Artist Ian Henderson opened his studio this past weekend to display his paintings of Braidwood and its surrounds. The artist, who has been living in the town for eight months, had 26 paintings on display based on the town and the nearby landscape.

At his studio in the Old Post Office Cottage, Henderson will be showing 26 paintings and drawings based on the town and the nearby landscape.

“Mostly they’re based on the surrounds and how I felt about the landscape,” says Henderson. He’s been impressed by the beauty of the town, which he sees as “not a typical New South Wales town.”

“To have this quality of heritage throughout the town is quite unusual.”

Several paintings are based on the view from Braidwood Wilson’s grave over the town, accessed with permission of the owner.

The paintings depict Braidwood bathed in a golden autumnal light, surrounded by a sea of pasture.

Henderson, who moved to Australia in 1972 has been artist in residence at three universities, including the University of New England in Armidale.

He holds a doctorate in Creative Arts from University of Wollongong.

Henderson has also recently been working on a portrait of Mike Kelly, member for Eden-Monaro.

He moved to Braidwood in 2015 with his wife.