Letters to the editor: April 19


The sum of our streets

Further to Lascelles Street, Braidwood (Times, Letters to the edtior, Wednesday, April 5):

In 2014/15, Palerang Council budgeted $170.000 to repair Lascelles Street west.

This work was not done.

In 2015/16, $250,000 was budgeted for the same work.

Again, it was not done.

The realistic reason given for this inaction [was] the recalcitrance of the State Government to fund a roundabout at Lascelles and Wallace streets.

This is clearly a State responsibility.

Now Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council is proposing to spend $800,000 on Lascelles Street west (off Budget, mind you).

This is plainly ridiculous from any perspective; although, the Administration may be adding in drainage of Lascelles Street at a budgeted cost of $500.000, to be borrowed.

However, the Administration has said the $800,000 is to come from the State Amalgamation Fund.

Confusing eh?

Walter Raynolds, Braidwood

Friday is good already

Last week, some (Fairfax) newspapers carried an article about “how Good Friday in Australia compares to the rest of the world”.

Saying that: “Good Friday just got slightly more lively in Australia” … referring to the (yawn) AFL football match.

What could be more unlively than large, sweaty men brawling for possession of a ball?

And that: “...still the quietest day of the year … Good Friday is no big deal”.


Quietness is a very big deal. A scarce commodity, worth cherishing where it survives.

Quiet minds become full of thoughts: about life, about purpose, about meaning, about God.

Yet mostly, don’t we avoid quiet, preferring distractions?

About food, about feeling good, about kidding ourselves we look good?

Arnold Jago, Nichols Point

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