Palerang Purples take on Burns FC | PHOTOS

It was another action packed game played in Canberra for the Palerang Purples this weekend as they played Burns FC at Kambah Playing fields. 

The Purples scored some early goals scored for, which boosted confidence and propelled the team forward into a non stop attack mode. Burns’ skill meant our mids and backs were kept busy at times, however, keeping the ball out of our half. Hunter and Hugh had a fantastic game in the defence pack, always on the attack. Our back line had a few threatening moments but between Reggie, Laynee, Matilda and Noah they were able to keep our goalie Nathan protected at most times. At one point, however, Nathan stopped a close point which nearly found the back of the net.

Brodie worked hard in partnership with Hunter to create a strong centre for our team.

We were up 4-0 at half time and confidence shone at this point. As the second half commenced, however, it was obvious Burns FC were not going to let us get away with the game this easily. They were on the attack and hungry for points, which added pressure to the Purples’ back line again. Purples held strong however, and some great run backs from the mids to assist the backs were definitely a help.

As time went on in the second half our forwards rose to the top and really showed what it takes to work together. Angus and Leroy demonstrated passes and wide sweep ins, to set up another two outstanding goals. Nelson and Isabella ploughed through the middle to pass to the side line wings to then centre the ball again for a goal opportunity.

Thank you also to Burns FC which demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and determination.

Well done guys again for a 6-0 win. Goal scorers were Isabella Hindmarsh, 4 and Leroy Campbell Davies 2.