Letter to the editor | Wildlife on the mend thanks to your support


Re: kangaroos and wallabies caught in the Carwoola fires. I’ve heard from one carer that most are now able to walk with no bandages, and some have formed strong bonds among their group.

They will not be released until springtime, due to lack of feed in their home areas, and some will be relocated to ensure enough food is available.

The older ones are enjoying soy milk as a substitute during recovery. Some of these animals will be easy to distinguish as they are missing toes and parts of their ears.

I wish to thank IGA Braidwood, Braidwood Rural, Braidwood Community Radio 94.5FM and the Braidwood Times for broadcasting our need for help, and for continuing to help us along the way.

The community has amazed me, once again, for rallying around during this time of need. You are always there and I thank you so much.

Pixie Garcia

Photo: Jay Cronan

Photo: Jay Cronan