Letter to the editor | Hang on to your Hills Hoist


Householders should be aware of a new development in the world of drone technology. It is the Dragonfly Drone. Invented by a backroom professor at Oxford, it uses the principle of the dragonfly wing instead of the usual rotors. This means the noise it generates is above the pitch detectable by the human ear. The device contains a camera and a microphone. It is small at 12cm long and lightweight.

So, if you cannot hear it, who can? Your cat and dog. In future, when these things become cheap as chips and bought in any kids’ toy shop, we shall all be able to spy on our neighbours. If your cat behaves strangely, or pooch has a barking fit, don’t worry: it’s only a nosey neighbour wanting to know what is hanging on your Hills Hoist. Or perhaps it is a multinational mining company.

So thank you, Oxford University, and thank you, British Ministry of Defence for putting up all that taxpayers’ cash to fund it all. 

Anthony Shepherd, Braidwood

A Dragonfly Drone. Image courtesy oxfordtoday.ox.ac.uk

A Dragonfly Drone. Image courtesy oxfordtoday.ox.ac.uk