Heath Cullen performs in Majors Creek

Hailing from the similarly tiny hamlet of Candelo, Heath Cullen enjoys performing in tiny towns around the state.

“I love Majors Creek” says Cullen.

“I come from a similarly tiny town, those are the kind of communities that are really special.”

“People make a big deal about coming out, and it’s always a great experience.”

The performance at Majors Creek’s St Mary’s will be relaxed and informal. It came about as part of a chat with Hannah Gillespie, Director of the Majors Creek Festival Committee. 

“I was just talking with Hannah…and I just said I’d love to come back and play in Majors Creek sometime” says Cullen.

“Basically this is a house concert, it’s acoustic.”

“It’s a really lovely and sometimes confronting way to perform.”

“It’s exciting too, I’ll probably play some songs that I’ve never played before.”

Reviewers’ praise for Cullen’s live performances are effusive.

The Brag describes his sound and lyrics as classically Australian, saying, “the strength of Cullen’s songwriting is the vividness of his lyrics, his turns-of-phrase that sit somewhere between Paul Kelly and Neil Finn.” 

“With references to dusty-town Australia – blackened cornfields, magpies, trucks dropping to 80 before speeding off again – he imbues slight and casual observations with sad profundity.”

Rythms Magazine describes a Melbourne performance as an absorbing experience. 

Cullen coming: Heath Cullen will be performing at St Mary's Majors Creek later this month. Photo: supplied.

Cullen coming: Heath Cullen will be performing at St Mary's Majors Creek later this month. Photo: supplied.

“That whole tall, dark and handsome stranger get-up and princely stage presence he exudes leaves punters’ eyes following him about the raised Northcote platform wherever he moves” said one reviewer.

“And the show is suave and captivating .. that proves once more the integrity and musical bones that reverberate throughout Cullen. The gent is a genuine troubadour.”

Having grown up in the bush, Cullen thinks towns like Majors Creek offer a unique experience.

“It’s a special thing, and it’s a rare thing that I think a lot of people don’t get any experience of growing up out in the country” he says.

“If you tune into it, it can teach you a lot.”

  • Heath Cullen will be performing at St Mary’s Church, Majors Creek, 3 Wilson Street, on Saturday July 29 at 3pm, tickets are $25 at the door, presale tickets available for $18 at southcoasttickets.com.au