Editorial: Around the world, it’s one big tidy-up

Throw wide the windows and wedge open the doors for a thorough clean up and clear out at home, for the season of spring-cleaning is upon us.

Goodness – the things we accumulate and soon forget, stuffed in the back of cupboards and closets, unseen, unloved, and very likely unwanted.

Unpacking possessions is a chance to evaluate their worth and use, to query where they came from, or repurpose for where they’re headed next.

It feels like communities around the world are having a spring clean, too, being made to inspect things past, yet present, and cluttering public space.

The nuclear brinkmanship between the United States and North Korea brings back memories of an unsettling era we thought we’d long passed.

As Britain moves to withdraw from the European Union, it will need to cut some – yet not quite all – economic and political ties with 28 countries.

The question of what to keep and what to let go is also being asked at home as Australia looks closely at the same-sex marriage postal survey.

Yes, it’s one big tidy-up around the world right now. The Times has been having a tidy-up, too, though nothing like those global predicaments. We are reinvigorating our community stories: those by you, about you, for you.

We’re making space to show off the mementoes of our people, places and important events, alongside local news, views, sport and entertainment.

We’re putting treasures on display, such as Local Leaders, whose advice and wisdom will now feature on page 3 of each print edition, for example.

And we’re inviting contributions from residents right around Palerang.

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