Magpie swooping season takes off

It's watching you!
It's watching you!

Ferocious and feathered, now is the time when magpies and plovers are attacking people in the streets of Braidwood.

The magpie swooping season starts in September and runs for about six weeks, meaning the onslaught is set to continue for some time.

Magpies are protected and they are only protecting their young when the swoop at people approaching their nests. 

In the quest to alert others to local magpie hot spots, the Braidwood Times is asking readers for their hotspots and horror stories.

We know the corner of Elrington and Duncan Street is the haunt of one aggressive male, but we’re calling on you our readers to let us know where to avoid.

Tips for avoiding swooping bird attacks include: wearing a hat, taking an umbrella, wear glasses, walk your bike, don’t run, watch the magpie as you go through their territory. 

Have you been swooped? Let us know at