Clinton Pryor loves Braidwood painting

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A month ago Jack Featherstone met Clinton Pryor, to give the intrepid trekker a painting created in honour of his efforts. 

Now, Mr Featherstone is at has painted another one entitled ‘Spirit Walker’. It depicts school children outside the National Theatre, and Braidwood people supporting the Two Fires Festival.

He was delighted to learn on Monday night that Clinton loved the painting, after his son sent the Spirit Walker a pic. Clinton tweeted a picture and description of the painting.

When he heard Clinton was walking across Australia, Mr Featherstone knew he was someone special. Having done some of the roughest parts of the journey in a Volkswagen, he was impressed by Clinton’s determination and drive.

“He was, one man decided he’s going to meet PM Turnbull in Canberra, that’s his ambition, that was his sense of destiny, that was his sense of purpose,” Mr Featherstone said in September.

“He knew he could do it. And a person of lesser stature would have turned back, but not this bloke.”

He caught Clinton by the skin of his teeth at the Tent Embassy in Canberra, and they spoke for just long enough to despair the state of Australian politics.