Local farmer to feature on Four Corners

In 40 years farming, Martin Royds has seen first hand the impact of changing weather patterns due to climate change.

On Monday night, he will be discussing his approach to handling the unpredictable new conditions on ABC program Four Corners.

Mr Royds will feature in the program which will explore how a warming climate is affecting the way Australians live and work.

In his 40 years farming, Mr Royds has seen first hand the effect of climate change.

Over the past 30 years, average temperatures in Braidwood have increased by 0.8 degrees each decade, he says.

At his farm Jillamatong, the effects of this have been clear. Less predictable weather patterns, greater temperature extremes and unreliable rainfall, mean the land takes long to recover from dry spells.

When Four Corners came to his property for the day, Mr Royds said they were able to see how he has been experimenting with farming in a changing climate.

“It’s definitely made it a lot more challenging, you’ve got to become a lot more flexible,” Mr Royds said.

“Many farmers have expressed that the land doesn’t recover after the dry periods as quickly as it used to...and we’ve definitely been getting extremes of hot and cold, and the rain patterns have changed, we used to see rain patterns… you could predict.”

At Jillamatong, Mr Royds has taken steps to mitigate the effect of the weather extremes.

Through natural sequence farming, Mr Royds has aimed to build resilience into the landscape.

By slowing down the flow of water across the landscape, he has been able to recycle the water and increase fertility.

  • Four Corners screens at 8:30pm on ABC1