Knitters take to the street

Knitting is a revolutionary act. 

Or so says Cheryl Hannah.

And on May 27, Ms Hannah is taking the message to the streets. Wallace Street to be specific.

She will join with other knitters outside Fyre Gallery to join with knitters around the globe, for World Wide Knit in Public Day.

She’s so keen, the event will be a week before the official international knit-fest.

On June 9, thousands of knitters will get their needles out and knit.

In 2017, 1125 knit in public events took place, in 54 different countries. 

Begun in 2005, the day aims to celebrate knitting as a communal activity. 

Ms Hannah has been running an event in Braidwood for 7 years now. She says she hopes to raise the profile of work women often do unnoticed.

It’s also a nice way to do something useful.

Each year the knitters have a purpose.

Herself a knitter since age 5, Ms Hannah loves the experience of an activity which creates an actual product.

In the past their produce has included blankets for the Braidwood Hospital. 

This year they will be knitting baby beanies and blankets, to be sent to Central Australia for the cold winter months.

“Personally I find it quite a comfortable thing to do, and I’ve always enjoyed... just using my time to make something productive,” she said.

And it’s not just knitting, crochet-lovers are welcome as well.

Really, anything with yarn is all good for the event, says Ms Hannah.

Braidwood’s Knit in Public event will take place on Sunday May 27 from 11am-3pm at 84 Wallace Street.