The Crookwell Potato Festival goes Irish for 2019


The annual Crookwell Potato Festival will be held on Saturday May 11, 2019.

"We are having an Irish sub-theme this year which will be reflected in the dishes that are demonstrated, the live music, kids' competitions, and an Irish Ambassador in attendance," announced Andrew Warren, tourism manager for the Upper Lachlan Tourist Association.

Specifically that person is HE Ambassador Breandn Caolla, the Irish Ambassador to Australia.

Mr Warren also said "Our annual Potato Auction will this year be for the exotic cranberry red potato. The Potato Auction is a fundraiser that goes to support the Upper Lachlan Foundation who run a grants program to fund local projects."

Brian Faulkner, also from the Upper Lachlan Tourist Association, described this rare variety for us.

"With exquisite rosy pink, marbled flesh that cooks to a delightfully moist and creamy texture, these tuberous gems offer the discerning gourmet a truly outstanding culinary experience," Mr Faulkner said.

"Expect some ferocious bidding on the day from throngs of desperate potato lovers, each of whom will be anxious to be the first to acquire and sample the finest specimen of this amazing Crookwell treasure," he added.

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Meanwhile, they told us that Gary Kadwell's farm is harvesting Marancas, a low-carbohydrate variety with lovely golden flesh and a mild sweet taste.

Cooking them is also a big part of the festival.

"Every year the Crookwell Potato Festival features wonderful cooking demonstrations and this year foodies are in for an extra special treat, as we welcome food and wine expert Lyndey Milan OAM to the stage to share her skills, knowledge and insights at this year's event," said Mr Faulkner.

And have you ever wondered what a commercial potato farm might look like?

While you're visiting for the festival, "Take an Ecofarm Tour and see how Crookwell potatoes and wildlife co-exist in harmony." The place in question belongs to NSW Landcare 2017 State Champion Garry Kadwell.

Other things will be happening too, such as the Crookwell Friends of the Library's Giant Book Fair, which will actually begin at 5pm Friday and include live music of its own.

"They will have all sorts of pre-loved books, CDs and DVDs on offer. Last time they did this book lovers snapped up some seriously great bargains. Fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, crime, romance, thriller, horror, new age, historical, gardening, cooking, knitting weaving, macramé, sport; you name the genre and the chances are it'll be there."

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