Shot pair still under police guard, yet to be charged

Police have cleared the scene of a double shooting at Barnawartha North as the two men remain under close guard in hospital.

Joshua was shot by police at the camping area after allegedly lunging at them with a weapon.

His younger brother, 19, who was also armed with a weapon, was sprayed with capsicum spray and was tasered before being shot.

Victorian officers continue to guard Joshua, who was on a terror watch list, at Albury hospital.

His condition remains serious and Joel is in a critical condition at the Alfred Hospital.

A police spokeswoman on Friday said the pair were yet to be charged.


Their father, Rodney Clavell, had been involved in shoot-outs with police and was himself shot by officers in September 2004 as they tried to arrest him.

He was at one point the most wanted person in South Australia, and fatally shot himself during a police siege at a brothel in 2014.

Nearly a dozen detectives returned to the scene of Wednesday's shooting on Friday as part of the investigation.

The reserve has been re-opened to the public.

The brothers had stayed at a small camping area tucked away in the centre of Richardsons Bend, about 250 metres from the river.

While the pair had been living in a tent for about five weeks - possibly in bid to avoid detection - the only sign of their stay was a flattened section of grass and a small amount of burnt firewood.

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