Smokey Horse fights firies hunger

A restaurant in Braidwood has proven the way to a firie's heart is through their stomach. The Smokey Horse is serving free meals to firefighters and people impacted by bushfires.

The restaurant partnered with World Central Kitchen to provide food for those in need of a good feed.

The not-for-profit organisation World Central Kitchen, based in Washington DC, has helped subsidise costs.

Smokey Horse owner and chef Karuna Bajracharya said they were just trying to do what they could.

During the bushfire crisis Karuna asked himself the question "what can we do to help?"

And while the chef wasn't trained to fight fires, he was trained to fight hunger.

The answer came in the form of hearty food and good company.

"These poor firies are going out on 12 hour shifts and living on muesli bars," he said.

"Out there fighting fires you need something good in your belly.

"[The food] is something wholesome and cooked with love."

The dedicated chef said people in the Braidwood region had lost income, property and their homes.

"The fire threat has passed but the impact on the community remains."

Karuna owns the restaurant with his wife, also named Karuna, and serves a range of food including the aptly named "fire bowl" lamb curry.

Karuna said he wanted to spread word they would offer free meals for the rest of February.

"Don't be shy, please come in," he urged.

"It's our way of saying thank you."

Visit for more information on World Central Kitchen.

The Smokey Horse is located at 183 Wallace Street and is open Friday, Saturday from 5pm and Sundays from 12pm to 10pm.